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Logging into QCTL and not in QINTER using Client Access

How can one automatically log in to QCTL and not in QINTER using Client Access?

If QINTER is running, QCTL will not automatically allocate a workstation other than one connected locally to the system. There are ways to do it, but they are risky at best. The easiest way is to use the TFRCTL command in an initial program based on the user logging in or from a command line. Back when all devices were locally attached, you could simply create a workstation entry for the device you wished to allocate to QCTL. With remote devices and Ethernet connections, the workstations that are created now are not compatible with the locally attached controller QCTL. When I have a need to do this, I will usually make sure that I am signed on prior to the termination of QINTER and TFRCTL to QCTL. In addition, QINTER never goes down on my system. I have a policy that a second subsystem with workstation entries for critical personnel will always be in operation. When we need the entire system, we terminate QINTER, which will kick the users. The second subsystem never goes down. We reconnect and get a sign on. In addition, my AS/400's have never been down for more than an IPL to install new software in 5 years(99.97% up time).

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