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Loading data from a V4R4M0 system

I must load data from a V4R4M0 system to a new system installed with the V5R2M0. Do you know where I can find information (such as a checklist) about this operation? I've searched on the IBM Web site and I've not found information about that.

V5R2 can read a V4R4 SAV tape. However, when restoring information from a previous release, only restore user data.

Loading user data FROM a previous to a more CURRENT release is quite easy. All you have to do is backup the data on the older release, using standard SAV/RST commands, and then restore this data using RST commands on the V5R2 system.

If you need to migrate system data and/or configuration files, refer to the BU Recovery Guide for the correct procedure. These instructions can be found in the following manual: iSeries Backup and Recovery guide (SC41-5304-06) Chapter 15.


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