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List of who changed the system date

One user writes, "Is there a way we can see the list of all the persons who changed the system date?" Systems management expert Dan Reusche was on hand to offer some advice.

Is there a way we can see the list of all the persons who changed the system date?
Yes, there is a way, if you have audit journaling enabled on your system. System value QAUDLVL must at least have *SECURITY enabled and system value QAUDCTL should be set to *AUDLVL, at a minimum. You can use the DSPJRN command to find all changes to system values (which includes QTIIME).

The command is:


Note that in the example, I have subset by time; you can specify start and end times for your search. I have specified an entry type of SV, which stands for system values. Also, I have specified an outfile for the output, so that I can run the command, RUNQRY QRYFILE((QTEMP/AA)), which will show all system values that were changed. The output shows the user ID associated with each change that was made. You can scroll through the query output and find all instances where the system value that was changed was QTIME, or any of the other values like QHOUR. Or, you could create a more formal query using the WRKQRY command to select only the system values of interest.


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