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Lines of code in an RPG program

What is the maximum number of lines of code in an RPG III, RPG IV program? Does this include comments?
The maximum number of lines is 999,999 -- that's the maximum that SEU will allow you to have, starting at sequence 0000.01 and ending at 9999.99, but if you have a program with more than 10,000 lines you are doing something terribly wrong.

Either your program is very badly written, or it is trying to do too much. Look at sharing its tasks between several programs, each one doing a logical portion of the work. That way you can easily track and fix errors, and maintaining the programs will not be such a nightmare.

For myself, if a program is longer than 6,000 lines in RPGIII/IV, it is too big. If it's longer that 3,000 lines in ILE RPG, it's too big!


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