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Limit customers' view of Internet info

Jim Mason explains how with a little programming you can limit the information a customer can access via a WebFaced application.

We have third-party software that we have been able to WebFace. We would like to use it to place some of these applications on the Internet for use by our customers. Of course, we want each customer to view only their own information. Is it possible in WebFacing that based on the login name, you default something in the "Customer Number" field and don't allow them to change it?
Yes, but it requires programming. We've done some custom development like that for different customers.

The basic model was:

1. A customer logs in to a basic security Web application (we have a simple Web security system).

2. During login, we record the user's customer name, account number as the current information in a session variable.

3. When the WebFacing 5250 application starts, a CL program is passed the session variables as parms. The CL program runs an OPNQRYF using the customer number restricting orders to only those for this customer.

4. We automatically populated the customer number field on the initial order inquiry screens by modifying the generated screens.

This covered it.


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