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Keeping the iSeries job name

Is there a way to send iSeries spool files to a mainframe, and keep the unique qualifier or iSeries job name? Currently we use XCOM to send the data but all jobs come under a generic ID of XCOM. If we use QSNADS the reports come across with AS40001 in the job name field. Is there an easy way to get the spool file and the report ID directly into the VM/MVS spool?

Unfortunately there's not. ISeries spool files are not objects. They are essentially records in a database file. The job attributes that are associated with them come from the job that created the spool file. When you send a copy of a spool file to another system, or even to the same system, these attributes are set by the job that is creating the copy, not the job that created the original spool file.

It is a pain .... I wish IBM would at least add some attributes to a spool file indicating the "original" job name associated with this file. Maybe a "Request for Design Change" is in order.


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