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Java Jar file sitting on the iSeries

We have a Java Jar file sitting on the iSeries. Every time a local NT computer calls, the Java application calls for a user name and password. Why does this logon keep appearing? Is there any way to automate this to prevent the logon prompt for always appearing when the Java application is called?

Also, is it true:

If you have an NT user name and password and the same user name and password to the iSeries, the logon prompt does not appear.

If you have a different user name and password on NT and the iSeries, it signs you on to the iSeries as a guest.

My assumption is that you call a jar file with no iSeries connectivity in it, so the signon you get is based on net server.

iSeries NetServer authenticates client file and print requests that are based on the user ID and password that are used in the Windows desktop logon. If an iSeries user profile matches the Windows desktop client user profile, then the passwords will be checked. If the passwords do not match, the iSeries NetServer will prompt the client to enter the correct one.

In order to access the iSeries NetServer shared resources, clients may not need an iSeries user profile that matches their Windows desktop user. The iSeries NetServer can provide guest support for those clients that need only basic file and print services. This support is not automatically enabled.


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