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JDBCODBC functionality -- Java to Excel for complex workbooks

Java to Excel with the AS400 may be attractive, but if you have complex VBA macros in Excel, the JDBCODBC bridge will not work well for you. A better option may be using the Groovy COM interface.

Before I start with a Java to Excel project, I have one concern. It seems that the Excel data is what is accessed. Is this true? Or are the live equation "linked" and being accessed. I am not happy with Excel 2007, I have built a complex spreadsheet in 2003. Three linked workbooks in fact.

I want to move my spreadsheets into Java and keep Excel functionality, the Excel calculation engine and lose the ribbon. Is this possible? The calculations are extensive.

My level of programming skills are advanced in excel/vba and novice in java/eclipse.

The Java to Excel program doesn't do much. It creates an Excel worksheet in a workbook. You can read and write "simple" Excel tables easily -- just a header row and data rows. Anything else through the JDBCODBC bridge won't work well. To do something more advanced, consider keeping your workbooks and VBA macros. Look first at groovy COM interface to invoke your VBA'S -- that shouldn't be too hard.

The other option which is more work is to use the Apache POI package to do the same thing.

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