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Is this program running on an intelligent workstation or a dumb terminal?

In the past I have seen documentation about a method to determine whether a program is running on an intelligent workstation or from a dumb terminal. Alas now that I need to use this function, I can't find any references to it. We are running on OS/400 V5R1. We need to have our entry screens present different functions depending on the type of device. Any help is appreciated

A couple ideas.

* You could use the QDCRDEVD API and check the device class./type etc. An alternative of the same idea is to do a DSPDEVD to a print file, copy the printed output to a DB file and then write a program to interrogate the printed output.

c * Search400.com had a couple tips where you could retrieve the IP addresses of a device. If the command returns an IP address, it's probably safe to assume that it's an intelligent workstation. If an IP address can't be returned then it's a dumb terminal.

An example of how to use the QDCRDEVD API and how to retrieve the IP address can be found on the search400.com Web site . Click here to view it.


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