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Is this a V5R2 printing bug?

We recently converted to an iSeries 800, running V5R2. We have two HP 8150DN that print through Client Access and are attached to PCs. The problem: The output was unreadable. I configured them to print through the LAN via TCP/IP, now the output is readable. These printers have the ability to print on both sides. However, now, it ignores the parameter "DUPLEX(*TUMBLE)" in the CL's OVRPRTF. It prints on both sides, but not Tumble. Do you have an explanation for this problem?

DUPLEX(*TUMBLE) is a valid spool file attribute. If you are certain that your printer supports this function, then you have probably discovered a "bug" in V5R2 code. I would suggest that you contact the IBM SupportLine. Hopefully, you aren't the first to discover this issue and a PTF will be available.


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