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Is there a way to continue output after logging off server?

We have a number of iSeries Client Access printer sessions running on a Windows 2003 Server to print iSeries spool output on office-network printers. Is there any way we can do this while we are logged off the Windows server? When we log off the server the sessions are terminated (understandably), but is there a work around out there?
There is unlikely to be an easy work around for the way you are trying to configure your printer sessions. If the printers are on the network as you say they are, then I'm assuming they must be attached via Ethernet - TCP/IP. If you configure the printers directly on the iSeries using Host Print Transform, then Windows Server & the iSeries should be able to share the printers with no problem. The following link points you to IBM's support documents regarding connecting various ASCII printers: http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=nas1b44a2cf4ba778d83862568250053649f

The other advantage to this method is that it doesn't require local PC resource to handle the print functions workload.

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