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Is there a tool to change the system name and/or TCP/IP address?

Our site is currently losing its iSeries. As a result, we will be connecting to another iSeries (with a different system name) off site. Is there a tool that I can use that will change the system name and/or TCP/IP address to the new iSeries on all current sessions on a client's PC?

At the moment my plan is to visit each machine, and make manual changes. It would be of great help if there were a tool that would do this for me.

I will assume that you use a locally installed Client Access Express, connected via TCP/IP.

Your options are:

* If you use DNS name and your connection is name based, all you have to do is point your DNS (with the old machine name) to the new machine IP.

* If you can afford it, you may try either to configure the new iSeries as having the same IP as the old machine, or have the new machine configured with two IP addresses with one of the addresses being the old machine IP.


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