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Is there a command to print a query definition?

I have developed programs to convert AS/400 queries to RPG programs. I start the process by doing a wrkqry and printing the query using option #6. Is there a command (without any third party programs) to print a query definition without using wrkqry, something like runqry that I could just place in the CL.

The iseries can display this information via two commands. These two commands are: RTVQMFORM and RTVQMQRY. Both of these commands can output their information to a source file. If you were to write a CL program that WRKOBJ for all query objects to an outfile, then run each of these commands over each object, you could construct your screens, printer files, outfiles, and RPG programs from these source files. You may also output to a printer file instead of a source file if you prefer.

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