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Is there a bug in DB2 Connect?

I am using DB2 Connect with Microsoft Access to query data on an iSeries. When I run simple one-table queries on a large table (1.25 million records) with a simple select "where MYCHARFIELD = 'T') I not only get records where MYCHARFIELD = T but also a few records where it has C or E or P. Is there a bug in DB2 Connect that would cause this to happen. This happens even if I use the graphical query building tool. I can not use the Client Access ODBC driver to do this because it times out and will not run it.
I am not aware of a known bug that will cause the described situation. Please check the results by using iSeries access as follows:

  • Operation Navigator
  • Database
  • SQL script center
  • Run the SQL request

    This uses JDBC connection and sees what the results are.

    Note: I find the ODBC driver of iSeries Access superior to DB2 Connect most of the time, please recheck why it times out.


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