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Is there a BRMS default location called LOST?

While using BRMS software, we've noticed that once in a while the tapes in BRMS have a status of LOST for location. Can you tell me what could possibly be putting our tapes into a LOST Status?
I'm unaware of any BRMS default location called LOST. Therefore I would have to believe that someone has defined a storage location called LOST within your BRMS configuration and associated it with a MOVE policy.

First take a look at all of your locations using the WRKLOCBRM command.

Then check out all your MOVE policies to see where location LOST is used.

To see these policies: Go to the BRMS main menu (GO BRMS) select option 8 (Policy Administration) and then select option 8 again (Work with Move Policies).

Display each policy to see where "LOST" is specified as a location in a move policy.

You should be able to redefine any MOVE policy from here too.


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