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Is the CPYTOIMPF command the best option?

I'm using the CPYTOIMPF command, taking a physical file from the iSeries and putting it to the IFS as a .csv (for FTPing). The problem I'm having is that some of the fields have varying length data, and I'm getting the .csv fields with spaces. Is there a parameter on the CPYTOIMPF command that will trim the fields prior to creating each comma delimited field, or something that I can do in the RPG program when creating the physical file? Or do I have to create the PF as a flat file, trimming out the spaces prior to using the CPYTOIMPF?
The CPYTOIMPF command is not particularly good! There is a better command, CRTCSVF (Create CSV file), which is freeware and available here. I use this command myself, and it does exactly what you want. If you have problems getting to the site or getting the source onto your machine, I can send you the sources as e-mail attachments.

Uzaemon's site has a number of extremely good iSeries utilities, and I am soon going to have collected the set for my own Utility Library -– he/she is a great programmer, if a little untidy, and has some truly useful utilities that I have not seen for free anywhere else.


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