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Is market slowdown causing an employment slowdown?

I have over 15 years experience in the IBM midrange platform - System36/38/AS/400, both from the hardware and software...

sides. I have extensive project management and programming experience using RPG. I am currently looking for employment, but I find the opportunities few. Is this because the market is slow, or is the AS400/RPG environment Disappearing?

We have noticed a slowdown in the market as well, but find it to be cyclical. Typically it picks up in the final quarter of the year and we have seen a recent increase in activity. The AS/400/RPG environment has experienced a slowdown but is far from disappearing. Our local chapter of the AS/400 Users Group was given a presentation by an IBM executive on the future of the AS/400 and it was demonstrated that the AS/400 market is still very strong, but that IBM may need to promote their products better. We find an individual, such as yourself, with a "hands on" Project Management/Programming background, to be the most desired candidate at this time, rather than higher level management. Employment opportunities will increase as we see a favorable trend in that direction.


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This was last published in September 2001

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