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Is it possible to break a huge spool files in 2?

Is it possible to break a huge spool files in 2? At month end, we have to print statements that may be 35,000 pages. I want to use 2 printers to print it. So far, the only solution was to copy the spool file using SNDNETSPLF and then print page 1 to 15,000 to printer 1 and 15,001 to end to printer 2. That solution is not ideal since it duplicate the disk space and doesn't work if the splf is greater than 2Gb.

It is possible using Spooled File API's to split a spooled file. You must use the open spooled file, get spooled file data, create spooled file, put spooled file data and the close spooled file API's. There are some pretty good examples in the information center. The API's are under Programming/CL and API's/OS/400 API's/.

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