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Is it possible to access the results of a call to a stored procedure from the "green screen" side?

Is there an easy way to access the results of a call to a stored procedure from the "green screen" side? What I want to do is to be get the result set of a stored procedure and populate a table with the data ... generically. I'd like to do this from batch.

I already have several utilities that allow me to do similar tasks, such as accept a SQL statement and direct the results to a table. I just can't seem to find a way to do this with SPs. My research seems to be leading me towards CLI. Is that where I need to look?

None of the green screen SQL interfaces support a stored procedure call that returns a result set. SQL CLI does have the support to process a result set and the result set data can be easily inserted into a table. The SQL CLI calls can be embedded into C, RPG, & COBOL programs that can easily be called from green screen batch process.


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