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Is it feasible to relocate in this job market?

I'm currently an IT manager in New Jersey. I have been in the computer business for 32 years and have worked on the iSeries since its introduction in 1988. I'm also a Microsoft server administrator. I would like to relocate to Florida. Is it feasible? If so, what should be my approach?
It is certainly feasible to relocate to an area in which you would like to live. I recommend that you work with a recruiter who specializes in your areas of expertise. Take some time to determine what your unique skill sets include, i.e. a knowledge in a particular industry and/or technology, that can make you desirable for a prospective employer. Many companies will hire out-of-area candidates if they are particularly strong in areas for which they have a need that is not readily available locally. It is up to you and your recruiter to convey your skills to the employer.

Recap: Successful job searches become more challenging when relocation is a part of the equation. Be patient, find a recruiter you can work with, perform regular Internet searches, highlight technical skills that may set you apart from the competition. Oh yes…did I say be patient?


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