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Is OpsNav required for V4R5?

We intend to upgrade from V4R4 to V4R5. Our installation is "married" to RUMBA. Is OpsNavigator *REQUIRED* for this upgrade?

Operations Navigator is part of Client Access Express product. If you are going to use Client Access Express to connect to your iSeries OS/400 then depending on what type of installation you select will determine what and how much of Operations Navigator will be installed. See SG24-5191-00 Client Access for Windows Implementing V4R4M0 Redbook.

Custom installation allows the end user to decide exactly what functions of Client Access Express for Windows to install on the PC. The Express Required Programs option is necessary for most of the functions to work, with the following exceptions:

Client Access Express Online User's Guide
AS/400 Java Toolbox
AS/400 Operations Console
Client Access Express Toolkit (Headers, Libraries, and Documentation).

You will have a limited version of operations navigator on your system when installing Client Access. Ops Nav is how IBM centrally administers the client access connections and is necessary.

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