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Is DB2 extender my best option?

Is DB2 extender my best option?

I have a project to send and receive XML documents (invoice and purchase order information using the iSeries) to a vendor with a time frame of three to four months. The vision is to do this eventually for the other vendors as well. I've heard so far that DB2 extender is my best solution given the time frame I have. Do you agree? I know it's quite expensive, given that Java is free, but since I already got purchase approval my only concern is if it will be able to do even the complicated XML documents.
I would not look at any programming with a parser if I can avoid it. I also would avoid using DB2 Extender if possible. IF your application is simple enough, you can use the WDSC XML tools to generate an XML application to select data and create XML documents or store XML documents in the database. Most of the time, the RIGHT XML tools in WDSC will generate these applications for you. The WRONG XML tools in WDSC can do the same thing with more customized mapping support (requiring DB2Extender). ou may want to read a recent article I wrote on this, Create a Web application to build XML data from SQL data.

If your application doesn't fit this, it's probably smart to pay an outside consultant to quickly create a simple Java parser to meet your specific needs IF needed. We do XML development for iSeries customers all the time. MOST XML applications I've come across though DO fit the simple XML tools in WDSC very well and, done correctly, DON'T require DB2Extender.


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