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Interfacing SQL with ADM

I am beginning new application development and have decided that I will develop using SQL. My problem is that I am somewhat new to ADM, and I have not been able to figure out how to interface SQL with ADM. How do I build parts (collections, tables) from source files using the RUNSQLSTM while insuring that ADM tracks all parts? How do I create user-defined parts and languages to accomplish this? Using ADM for development is a requirement of my company.

In order to use ADM to track your source and objects, you must define types using the ADDADMTYPE command. This will allow you to create a user-defined source type. You would then add the language to it using the ADDADMLANG command. The next step is to define the actions you want to take based on the ADM action requested using the CHGADMACN command. This command will allow you to define the action that ADM will take when you use the '2' - Edit option, '14' - Compile or any of the other options. The action codes defined in ADM (V4R5M0) are: *CRT - Create; *DLT - Delete; *MOV - Move; *CPY - Copy; *CHG - Change; *DSP - Display; *PRT - Print. This is all detailed in the ADM Users guide

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