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Interactive SQL statements

I have written a front-end program to run interactive SQL statements. I am using a technique that executes the SQL statement by passing it to STRQMQRY. My SELECTs are limited to 255 columns. Is there a way to overcome this Limit, (Maybe creating a QMFORM)? My company has just licensed the SQL product; STRSQL does not have this limit. Is there a call to a program or an API that I could use instead of STRQMQRY?

You could try specifying *OUTFILE for the output type on the STRQMQRY. And then issue RUNQRY against the *OUTFILE created by the STRQMQRY request. (Thanks to Chuck Pence for his help on this answer.)

If you want to look at other SQL-based tools, here are some other alternatives to consider. One alternative would be embedding SQL Prepare & Execute statements that could construct interactive SQL statements dynamically and execute them. If you can use a browser interface, you might want to look at the Net.Data product, it's very easy to embed SELECT statements (without a 255 column limit) and then have Net.Data perform the HTML formatting to display the results. Another possible alternative would be the graphical version of DB2 Query Manager - IBM QMF for Windows product. There are even macros to convert DB2 Query Manager definitions into QMF definitions. For more info on QMF, including trial download, click here.


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