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Integrating sales orders

I have a client using an AS/400 distribution system that has also purchase an NT based warehouse management system running on SQL 7.0. I need to integrate sales orders to process shipments and purchase orders to process receipts along with item master info as changes occur. My plan is to use TCP/IP & socket programming to achieve the message handling between systems. I have never tried this before. I have found a good Redbook on the subject. Is this my best approach? Any other options that would provide real-time processing and handle messages for errors real time? I would appreciate any insight you may be able to provide.

That is probably the best method to use to maintain complete control. It will probably require more coding for errors of all types, but should keep the control on the AS/400. Other options would include using the CA API's, Triggers with a remote PC Command, Java Servlet, or MQ series.

With CA, you can create and update data queues, but have to translate them to/from ASCII. This does work fast and it is very consistant. You just have to write a single VB or C program to run as a service on the NT system and have a user/password combination to start CA as a service.

With Java, you can use the Toolbox, or the Native connectors (faster), but you will need to remember to close the AS/400 connections as you use them.

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