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Installing CUM fixes

Glen, I just read your admin alert, Installing CUM fixes and Group PTFs in subsequent order.

I received CUM C4077520 that I plan to install this weekend. The instructions also mention checking for MF31528. I'm confused as to your warning about SF32412 or MF32014. What should I really look for?

Also, you mention installing the CUM delayed then IPL, and after that install the hypers. The instructions mention installing the HIPER/Database Group PTFs prior to installing the Cumulative PTF Package UNLESS installing as part of an OS/400 release upgrade. Were you doing an upgrade? What is the correct order?

To put an end to all the speculation, I have received final instructions from IBM on how to install the CUM. If you are not installing as a part of an upgrade, you install the hyper's first and then install the CUM. You only need to check for MF31528. This PTF has some special features in it. Be sure to install all the fixes delayed.


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