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Inserting data into a table

Inserting data into a table

I would like to select data from DB2/400 and insert it into a table in a Windows DB2 in one SQL. What is the best way to accomplish this? I am able to do this between two Microsoft SQL Servers by linking one database to another. Is there something similar for DB2?
The DB2 UDB for Windows Enterprise Server edition does include some federated database support that will support this. You would need to configure federated access to you iSeries server including creating a nickname for the DB2 UDB for iSeries table that you're trying to select from. INSERT INTO db2win_table SELECT * FROM db2iseries_nickname

Another alternative supported by DB2 UDB for Windows is:

DECLARE c1 CURSOR FOR SELECT * FROM db2iseries_nickname ; LOAD db2luw_table FROM c1 OF CURSOR REPLACE


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