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Information on the autostart program

Can you give me information on the autostart program?

The following was taken directly from the "Basic System Operation, Administration and Problem Handling" IBM Manual SC41-5206-04.


The autostart job in the controlling subsystem transfers control to the program that is specified in the system value QSTRUPPGM. You can tailor this program.

You can create your own program and change the QSTRUPPGM system value to that program name. Or, you can use the shipped program QSTRUP in QSYS as a base to create your own program. To do this, you would:

Retrieve the source of the shipped program by using the RTVCLSRC command (For example, RTVCLSRC PGM(QSYS/QSTRUP) SRCFILE(YOURLIB/YOURFILE)).

Change the program.

Create the program by using the CRTCLPGM command, putting it into your own library.

Test the program to ensure that it works.

Change the system value QSTRUPPGM to the program name and library you specified on the CRTCLPGM command.


With this information you should be able to locate and change your system's startup program.

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