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Incorrect CCSID on FTP connection from AS/400 to Windows

Sending the file binary to the AS/400 after defining the destination file tagged with CCSID of 1200 may solve the problem of incorrect CCSID numbers on FTP transfers.

I am trying to connect an FTP a file on Windows to iSeries. I make the FTP connection to the iSeries machine but the file does not transfer with the correct CCSID. The destination is a defined file/member with CCSID 13488 (graphic) field. I have mixed Japanese and English characters in the file. It is on the Windows machine as UTF-8.

Try to define the destination file tagged with CCSID of 1200 and send the file binary to the AS/400, this may solve it. If not, the safest approach I saw is putting it in BIN mode to the IFS.

quote type c 1200
put somefile ifsfile

Then to CPYFRM STMF from IFSFILE to the target.

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