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In search of BRMS report that lists tape info

Is there a BRMS report that lists tape information, such as "in-service date", "times used", "read errors", "write errors", i.e. information that we could use to justify replacing a tape before we have a problem? For example, when our list of expired tapes comes out, we would replace tapes that are > than a certain age, have been used > x times, or that have > x read/write errors.
I believe the report you are looking for is the "Media Volume Statistics Report".

Here is an example of this report....

5722BR1 V5R2M0 020906                  Media Volume Statistics Report                             5/17/05  11:00:06   Page       
 Volume  Media        Creation  Expiration                   Bytes             Bytes            Current Bytes   Maximum Bytes    
 Serial  Class         Date     Date           Uses          Read              Written           on Volume       on Volume 
 E00000  FMT3590E     5/31/04   5/31/05           70               13,920    2,268,613,754,624  90,605,130,496  92,474,152,320   
 E00001  FMT3590E     1/06/04  11/26/04 *         61        4,037,991,904    1,069,081,284,352               0  92,853,675,648   
 E00002  FMT3590E     1/04/05  11/18/05           79           99,127,552    1,269,255,537,024   1,915,493,504  84,750,963,008   

This report can be found on the "Reports" menu which is Option 12 from the BRMS Main menu.

There is also an SST process that shows you lifetime volume statistics,including write and read errors:

On a V5R2 system:

1. Start SST
2. Sign on with an appropriate user ID
3. Take "Option 1. Start a service tool" from the "System Service Tools (SST)" menu.
4. Take "Option 1. Product activity log"
5. Take "Option 4. Work with removable media lifetime statistics" ... and then follow the prompts to select your kind of media.

When you hit enter, you will then see a display similar to this:

                        Work with Lifetime Statistics                  
Removable media . . . . . . :   Self-configured tape device            
                                and 1/4 inch cartridge tape            
Type options, press Enter.                                             
  4=Delete entry   6=Print entry                                       
         Volume      ---Temporary Errors---     --------K Bytes------- 
Option   ID                Read       Write           Read     Written 
      >> E00291               0        2040          95045  1683138595 
         E00007               0         129            505  1024630191 
         E00070               0          36         186319   671844522 
         E00133               0          35            413   855645808 
         E00110               0          29            505  1054598996 
         E00264               0          79      145176755  3373697680 

Using the BRMS report and the SST display should provide you with the information you are looking for.


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