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Improving daily backups

I'm trying to improve my daily backup. I normally execute my backup CL in QBATCH subsystem. If CL were executed in another subsystem, such as QCTL, what subsystem could be stopped? Would the backup time be improved with subsystems stopped?

Just ending subsystem QBATCH and running your batch job in subsystem QCTL won't make your backup run faster. Not running a bunch of jobs in QBATCH while you are running backups could increase the throughput of your backup though.

The main rule to follow is to run the backup during a time a light system activity.

If you could take your system to a restrictive state (ENDSBS *ALL) prior to running your backup, then you would see a noticeable decrease in the amount of time it takes to run. This is because the backup process wouldn't have to allocate and lock objects. However, the obvious drawback with this scenario is that no one could use your system while your backup is running and your backup would have to run as an interactive job in subsystem QCTL.


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