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Importing iSeries data directly into an Excel spreadsheet

Kent Milligan, DB2 UDB expert helps a Search400.com member t import iSeries data directly into an Excel spreadsheet .

I read your article on importing iSeries data directly into an Excel spreadsheet with great interest, as I have been performing this function manually for quite some time and was unaware the there is an add-in for Excel. Unfortunately, when I select Tools/Add-ins as you suggest, the "iSeries Access Data Transfer" feature is not in my list of available add-ins. I'm using Excel Professional 2003 and iSeries Access for Windows V5R2M0. Is there a trick to making this option available?

First make sure that the following components of iSeries Access are installed: Data Transfer Base Support and Data Transfer Excel Add-In (Under Data Access - Data Transfer)

If they are not, you may not have a license for the data transfer capability. The use of Data Transfer in iSeries Access for Windows and Client Access Express requires an iSeries Access Family (5722-XW1) license. For more information refer to the Order/Upgrade tab on the iSeries Access Web site.

I would also recommend that you upgrade to the V5R3 or V5R4 client version of iSeries Access. Don't worry -- you will still be able to access System i5 servers at V5R2.

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