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Implications of excluding *public access to the QGPL library

What are the implications of excluding *public access to the QGPL library. We have received an audit request to change *public to *exclude on library QGPL. I am concerned that this will cause problems with IBM user profiles attempting to access items in QGPL. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

I have copied a note from the CL Programmers Guide, chapter 4, Deleting and Clearing Libraries'-- see the discussion regarding QGPL: Note: You cannot delete the library QSYS and should not delete any objects in it. You may cause the system to end because the system needs objects that are in QSYS to operate properly. You should not delete the library QGPL because it also contains some objects that are necessary for the system to be able to perform effectively. You should not use the library QRECOVERY because it is intended for system use only. The library QRECOVERY contains objects that the system needs to operate properly.

I could not find any documentation which discusses changing the *public authority from *change to *exclude. However, I believe that you could encounter authority problems with normal operations if the public authority was changed. I believe that you will have to try it to determine the consequences. When I tried it here, the class object for QINTER was in QGPL so a user was unable to sign-on.

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