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If it's not an issue with the AS/400 or CA, what is the problem?

Problem Specifics:
AS/400 9406-270
PTF level TL01005
Client Access Service Pack SF65345
Connecting to Windows NT network via TCP/IP

Prior to the 9406-270 box and for a couple of years, I was running on a 9404-400 on various versions of OS/400 through V4R4 with no problem whatsoever. The first day on the 9406-270 I started having CA workstation sessions at numerous PCs disconnect during interactive jobs with no apparent pattern that I have been able to determine. IBM has analyzed trace logs (from both the AS/400 and the PC) and assure me that it is not an issue with either the AS/400 or CA, but the timing seems rather suspect to me. Regardless, my users as well as myself are becoming increasingly frustrated and I'd appreciate any hints or ideas that you might be able to pass on to me.

I assume that you use Client Access Express and PC5250 emulation via client access. Here are some things to check:

1. Do you see special messages in the joblog of the telnet server?

2. Try to increase the session, keep alife parameter in chgtelna, if this helps then you probably have some TCP?IP problems in your network. Please note that increasing keep alife parameters can cause a situation where the system will detect idle connection after a long time.

3. When I had a similar problem I ended with using IP filtering ability of the AS/400 to journal Telnet traffic and analyze it. I found out that one machine "bombed" the telnet server and removing this machine solved the problem.

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