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Identify the name of the Journal Receiver

I was wondering whether there is any way of identifying (in a CL program) the name of the current (attached) Journal Receiver. I know I can do that with WRKJRNA but I cannot use this command in a CL program. The idea is to detach and save the current journal receiver whenever my backup CL runs. We are running on V5R1.

For this answer, I would like to direct you to the vast information found in IBM's Information Center. When first placed online, the Information Center was (to put it politely) difficult to use. But kudos to IBM -- it is now quite usable and quite functional. Go to the Information Center, choose your global location, then choose the OS/400 version you are interested in. In the left-hand navigational pane, open up the Programming topic. Then open up the CL and APIs topic. Choose "APIs by category". The main panel now displays all of the categories of APIs. Choose the Journal and Commit category. Now scroll down to the Retrieve Journal Information API. This API will allow you to programmatically retrieve the currently attached journal receiver.


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Hi all,

I would like to make a CL program for our daily journals backup. I thought like this:
- First a display object description (DSPOBJD) in a specific library of all journal receivers to a outfile.
- After that, query that file (the outfile created) and sort it only with journal receiver name and the saved size. The saved size is to avoid saving the files every day.
My concern is how to have the names of the objects to include in the SAVOBJ command?
We are using V7R2M0.
If any other ideia in how to make program for this kind of programs please let me know. Thanks in advance.