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I'd like to print Word files

I am in the process of developing a radiology transcription system for our hospital system. The current application resides on the AS/400, and all the data needed is there as well. They would like to go to a Word-based system so they can gain the advantage of printing and dictionary features. I am using Seagull Software scripting language to open and I'm using a Word document. I am also storing the document in the 400 units PC file area(??). Now comes the question, how can I access AND print out the documents that are stored on the 400, WITHOUT opening up word and having the user decide where to print? They also want to automatic printing to the doctor's office involved in this patient case. CLEAR? Doubt it, even I don't understand this stuff. I guess I need to know if there is ANY facility on the 400 that will allow me to print a document?

As far as I know, in order to print Word files to the printer you need word viewer(at least), you can however activate Word to print without the need to open the document like this:
winword.exe" "C:doctoprint" /mFilePrintDefault


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