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ISeries 400 NetServer

I am running V4R3 and am unable to start NetServer. I get a system message CPIB683, unable to start NetServer for reason code 5, Start of the NetBIOS over TCP/IP failed with return code 3418. Netbios not shown in the netstat *cnn display. NetServer previously worked until I recently made some configurations changes to change the IP address of the iSeries 400. Do you have any ideas why NetBios would not be started?

First of all let me state that NetServer is an evolving product and it behaves better with later operating systems.

But if you must remain in V4R3 you may try to reset NetServer as followes:

End net server
Start NetServer with the following:
CALL PGM(QZLSstrs ) PARM('1' X'0000')


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