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IBM's plans for DDS with DB2

My question is about IBM's plans for DDS with DB2. Are they planning on upgrading DDS to match RPG IV field lengths and to add 'blob' or other field types that can only be accessed via SQL now? How should I get data from Sybase running on Unix to DB400?

As far as I am aware, DDS will not be improved or upgraded. It will carry on being supported (it would upset the vast majority of iSeries 400 sites if they decided to drop it). DDS has a number of advantages over SQL. It uses source files, very similar to those you would use to program display or printer files. It is easy to implement and to a certain extent fits better with RPG. Another strength of DDS is the combination of SQL views and indexes within logical files. Also, should you require, you can build SQL views and indexes on DDS files. SQL on the other hand, is more modern. It fits better with new style programming where DDS, even for printing and displaying is given up. It will also carry on being upgraded.


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