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IBM to discontinue support of V4R5: Should I upgrade now?

We are running V4R5 on a 640. We are told that IBM will discontinue support at the end of the year. We are moving to a SAP Windows-based ERP in the next two years. In order to continue to receive IBM support, are we required to upgrade to V5R1? We have been told that some of our existing disk controllers are not compatible with V5R1 and will have to be replaced at considerable expense. I would prefer to stay as is and save the expense. However, we do not wish to be exposed to a non-support issue even though we are paying software maintenance.

It is true that IBM will discontinue support of V4R5 on Dec. 31, 2002. This means that IBM will no longer accept any problems for analysis. The most important thing to realize is that when an OS/400 release is withdrawn from support, soon to follow will be an end of service from upgrading to new releases. It would be wise for you to read the information contained in this Web site.


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