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IBM is vague with help on errors

I get an access denied message when I try to copy a PC file to a folder in QDLS -- within a batch file. We are at V5R2 and use Windows 98. I created a user profile for my Windows user name and added it to the directory. I also created a "GUEST" profile and added it to the directory -- no luck. As usual, IBM is very vague with help on errors. Access denied is all I get. Do you know anything about a data area called Q0DEC500 that IBM's information center suggests may need to be created in QUSRSYS library to make QDLS compatible with previous releases. Who would NOT want it compatible with previous releases? They don't specify what to create the data area as(*DEC,*CHAR, etc.) or what value should be entered.

I don't think that the Q0DEC500 data area has anything to do with your problem. This is what this data area does:

"The characters in names are converted to the code page of the job when the names are stored unless data area Q0DEC500 has been created in the QUSRSYS library. If this data area exists, then the characters in names are converted to code page 500 when the names are stored. This function provides compatibility with the behavior of the QDLS file system in previous releases. A name may be rejected if it cannot be converted to the appropriate code page.".

Regarding your problem - It is very important to know if you have the netserver defined with guest user profile activated. If it doesn't then the Windows user and the iSeries user must be the same name and preferred with same password.


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