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IBM certifications for the iSeries

I recently found out that IBM offers certifications for the iSeries. I'm not sure which certification would work best for me. The system we use is an iSeries V5R5. I'm a novice to intermediate, so I was planning on starting out with iSeries Associate System Operator, and then proceed up the ladder. The problem is I can't seem to find any testing center that gives this test. Do you know if it is obsolete?
The easiest way to find information about iSeries certifications and training is to go to IBM's Web site to review the offerings. It appears that the V4R5 certification is no longer available. Since V5R2 is the current release, V4R5 is out of date and of lesser value.

The IBM Education/Certification Web site outlines the various certifications and list where to go for training. It appears that the starting point for you will be the Certified Specialist - iSeries System Command Operations V5R2. The site for information about this certification can be found at Certified Specialist - iSeries System Command Operations V5R2.

Suffice it to say that the IBM site is a wealth of knowledge for your interest in Certifications and you should spend some time wandering around the site. You should also talk to your IBM account rep about other options that might be available.

Good luck. I have taken a few of the certification tests and they are a VERY good test of your knowledge. The IBM site also has self-tests that you can take before taking the actual test.


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