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IBM DB2 Connect allows SQL data sharing

To union or join tables residing on different IBM i servers using SQL, IBM's DB2 Connect is needed.

We have two System i machines connected with a 1G pipe. I want to create a SQL view on one of the machines using data from the other machine. How can I accomplish this?
Sounds like you want to be able to union together or join tables residing on different IBM i servers using SQL. To enable a a single SQL statement to reference tables from different servers, you will need to use the IBM DB2 Connect product. This product would be installed on a Windows server or an AIX partition. Your IBM i application would need to connect to the DB2 Connect server and then run the SQL statement that references the tables on different servers. The code would look something like the following after all of the setup configuration was completed:


SELECT c1,c2 FROM tab1_srvra
SELECT c1, c2 FROM tab1_srvrb

Examples of the setup and configuration steps needed for this type of access are discussed in the Heterogeneous Data Access white paper.

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