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I want to e-mail a spool file from an output queue on the AS/400

Is there a way to e-mail a spool file from an output queue on the AS/400?

I have created a program that actually does this. From the SNDDST command you can send a file (Physical) to an e-mail address on the Internet. But to send a spool file you first need to copy it to a physical file, then send to via the SNDDST command. I will not get into the SNDDST command now, there is a ton of parms to cover. If you need some help on the SNDDST command after you research it, just let me know. To get a spool file to a physical file, first create a PF by entering CRTPF and specify the file width larger then the maximum report width. I usually set mine at 200. You do not need and DDS source to create the PF. Then copy the spool file to the PF via the CPYSLPF command. Once completed, use the SNDDST command to send the file. With just a little CL programming you can create a user-defined command and a CL program that could do this for any spool file on the system going to any email address. I hope this helps.


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