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I find spool file management so complicated

Spool file management is very complicated because they are not objects. That is why I will be pleased to have an answer of these two questions:

1. Where can I find information about all the AS/400 APIs functions, specially those related to Spool file management (I'm thinking of a book or a Web site)?

2. How can I put the spool file information (name, job number, file number and user, etc) in a database?

To get information on the spool file APIs, go to the IBM information center , select Programming, CL and APIs, and then OS/400 APIs, and then Print OS/400 APIs, and then go down to the print section and you will be able to download information in either an HTML or PDF format. To get a list of all your spool files into a database, you will probably want to write a program that uses the QUSLSPL API. Since this API returns information to a user space, you will need to create a file and populate it from the user space.


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