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How to view AFP print spools remotely

In this ATE response, Chip Milosch explains how to user iSeries Navigator to view AFP spool files.

I need to look into and modify an existing report generating program. The report was designed completely in AFP. I can see the spool files on the AS400 but I'm not able to view the proper logos, barcode etc. Is there a tool with which I can view the report as how it is actually printed. The printer is in a remote location and I cannot view the actual report after printing. If I can somehow view the spool file using a client or some other tool, that would be helpful. What is possible?
The built-in AFP Viewer in iSeries Navigator should allow you to view the AFP spooled file, complete with logos, etc. In iSeries Navigator, under your iSeries ID, choose Basic Operation | Printer Output. Right click the spooled file from the list in the right-hand pane and choose Open… After a brief pause, the Viewer will open up and show your spooled file.

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