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How to use an API for adding users to EIM SSO implemenation

Searching for the right API to add users to an EIM SSO implementation? The IBM site includes sample APIs based on C.

I have implemented EIM SSO and now need to add a few thousand users into identification and assossiations.

How could I use the APIs to accomplish this? I have following plan but do not know how to use the APIs.

I will collect the following info:
List of all user profiles into a work file
List EIM Associations (eimListAssociations) returns a list of associations for a given EIM identifier. To make sure User ID already does not exist.
List EIM Registries (eimListRegistries) lists the user registries participating in the EIM domain. To pass the registry name to the following API.

Then I will use above info to pass the variables into following APIs:
Add EIM Identifier (eimAddIdentifier) creates an identifier in EIM related to a specific person or entity within an enterprise.
Add EIM Association (eimAddAssociation()) associates a local identity in a specified user registry with an EIM identifier.

Plenty of examples in the IBM site, all based on C for every API it is a quite simple code. I found one code sample for this here: http://www.mail-archive.com/forum.help400@combios.es/msg22688.html but I never tested it, it is a CL wrappwer to generic program to add EIM stuff.

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