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How to transfer spool files to print on S/390

Is there a way to transfer spool files from the AS/400 to a jes class for printing on the OS/390? We want it to go to a class L instead of directly to the printer.

Assuming there is a connection between the AS/400 and the S/390 that supports SNA, VM/MVS Bridge (NJE) can be used to send spool files from the AS/400 up to JES. To transfer spool files to a specific class, it might be possible to utilize a Remote Output Queue on the AS/400, working together with NJE.

Within the CRTOUTQ command, a Remote System name can be specified, along with a Connection Type of *SNA and Destination Type of *S390. If you specify these parameters, and then use F10 to bring up additional parameters, the next one down is titled VM/MVS Class (CLASS). Values range from A to Z, and 0 to 9.

By creating this output queue, and by configuring it with the class that you want, any spool file placed on that queue should be routed to the NJE Distribution Queue and forwarded upstream with the class that you defined.

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hi,  can NDM on AS/400 send files directly to Z/OS JES spool?