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How to tell if you're using the right security level

When your company's CIO suggests that you should upgrade the security level of your AS/400 to 50, you might not think this is necessary, but where do you turn for supporting evidence?

Our company security personnel, who knows nothing specifically about iSeries Security, heard about security level 50 and that is the most secure level to the system. Our systems have been running level 40 for years and we have no security problems. My question is if level 50 would really bring us additional security. Additionally is there any public IBM document that explains that is possible to stay at level 40 and be considered secure?

All our systems are connected through a private network.

The System i Security Reference manual (PDF), Chapter 2, describes in great detail the differences between the various security levels. Security level 40 is the recommended level unless your organization requires the highest level of security and integrity possible. Security level 50 provides enhanced security integrity features – all of which are explained in this manual.

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