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How to set up Domino to view mail from a browser

What is the recommended way to set up Domino so we can view mail from a browser? We run mail on a DSD box. Three partitioned servers are configured to internal IP addresses. I added a second token-ring card to an IP address to our DMZ. As soon as I activate that IP address my outgoing Internet mail stops sending.

I would assume the configuration is not correct in one of two places. One is the Domino Server configuration. Specifically, the naming and/or the routing of the TCP/IP requests based on the Domino Server name. The Redbook for configuring the Domino server and the E-Mail framework will help. Pay close attention to Chapter 2, which contains a general TCP/IP configuration scenario for the AS/400 and the Domino Server Naming section.

The other area is the SMTP setup in distribution. If you are using SMTP (POP), you must configure your distribution queues and TCP/IP routing, along with the directory entry, to point to the correct e-mail server (WRKDIRE). The other resource I would recommend is IBM's Lotus Domino site, which should contain all the information you need to find the problem.

This was last published in March 2001

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