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How to resolve a CPI93B8 error message: LIC problem data has been logged for #MSTRTNS

Use WRKPRB command to determine meaning of CPI93B8 error message

I received a CPI93B8 error message in the QSYSOPR message queue: "LIC problem data has been logged for #MSTRTNS".
How do I identify what this means and how do I solve the problem?
The WRKPRB command may be used to access a log containing a list of these types of errors.

Option 8 (Work with problem) may be used to analyze and report an issue to IBM.

In the example shown above, this issue can be analyzed using Option 1 (Analyze problem):

Option 5 (Display detail) shows you the details...

As noted above, by hitting the enter key and then F6, you will be walked through a series of screens that will help you report the problem to IBM.

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